Selected Projects

We have been working with Quest Fine Jewelers for 12+ years and are proud to work on their playful and ever changing image. Quest is a family owned retail business operated in the greater Washington D.C. area and is widely considered one of if not the finest jewelry retailer in the area. Our work for their company includes but is not limited to print advertising from in store banners to national magazine ads and direct mail as well as website upkeep and digital/social media marketing.

Event Main Sale Graphics

Quest hosts on average 4 sales a year for which we make one key art image that gets applied across all digital, print and social media platforms.

Digital Media Advertising

LA Rocks and their many brands have the call to create many email and web based banners and animations. Below is a small collection of website advertisements we've pulled together for a few of their larger customers. Customers including but not limited to Kohls, JC Penney, Macy's, & Amazon.

Magazine Ads

Quest occasionally places ads in National Magazines. Below are a couple that ran in The Knot. Quest has always given us the freedom to create and come up with interesting thoughtful images